SQL Server Monitoring

Original posted September 24, 2020, but now, May 1, 2022, version 1.10.0 has been released and it contains improved reports as well as error fixes.

This blog is about a SQL server monitoring tool that I have created.

The reasons for me to develop the tool was:

1) I needed a light-weight monitoring tool that I could easily install on a single SQL server instance. Performance tuning without monitoring is like steering a car with a bag over your head.

2) I needed a platform where I could develop Power BI reports in order to improve my DAX and Power BI reporting skills, and to be honest working with live data is much more intriguing than working with demo data like Contoso, Adventure Works, …

The tool can monitor all SQL server versions from 2008 and up to 2019.

Also, all SQL server editions can be monitored but with regards of Express editions and the lack of a SQL server agent, the execution of the scripts must be done by using e.g. Windows scheduler.

Currently the tool includes 22 features (query statistics, missing indexes, capacity metrics, …), and one Power BI Desktop report with 28 pages showing the collected data in an easy and understandable way.

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And the tool can be downloaded from my GitHub repository

Have fun 🙂