SQL Server Monitoring – Plan Guides

Published January 26, 2022.


To show the configured plan guides.


This feature queries the DMV sys.plan_guides which returns information for existing plan guides.


The report page Plan Guides has a table showing each configured plan guide.


The model for the report uses the fact [Plan guides] and the dimension [Database].


The feature accept the parameter @Databases and the syntax is the same that is used in the SQL Server Index and Statistics Management solution made by Ola Hallengren.

The default parameter for the feature is “@Databases = ‘USER_DATABASES, msdb'”

SYSTEM_DATABASESAll system databases (master, msdb, model, and tempdb)
USER_DATABASESAll user databases
ALL_DATABASESAll databases
Db1The database Db1
Db1, Db2The databases Db1 and Db2
USER_DATABASES, -Db1All user databases, except Db1
%Db%All databases that have “Db” in the name
%Db%, -Db1All databases that have “Db” in the name, except Db1
ALL_DATABASES, -%Db%All databases that do not have “Db” in the name


The default schedule for the feature is every hour (3.600 seconds).


The default retention for the table dbo.fhsmPlanGuides is 90 days.