SQL Server Monitoring – Features

The blog is part of the blog series named SQL Server Monitoring and gives a brief overview of the features included in the tool FHSQLMonitor.

The detailed description of the individual features is described in sub-blogs, one for each feature.

Agent jobsList all agent jobs and their schedules
Backup statusReports backup status for the databases
Connection statisticsReports information about connections
CPU statisticsReports information about CPU utilization
Database IOReports physical IO activity for the databases
Database sizeReports physical size of the data and log files
Database stateReports information about the databases on the instance
Index operationalReports operational activity on leaf pages, non-leaf pages as well as information about row and page locks
Index optimizeReports statistics for index maintenance operations
Index physicalReports physical index information like fragmentation and page count
Index usageReports index information like lookups, scans, seeks and updates
Instance stateReports information about the instance
Missing indexesReports missing index information
Performance statisticsReports performance counter information like page life expectancy, batch request/sec and Always On traffic
Plan cache usageReports information about plan cache usage
Plan guidesReports information about plan guides
Query statisticsReports query statements and their cost in terms of logical reads, CPU time, elapsed time, ...
Statistics ageReports age of the index statistics
Table sizeReports table size in terms of number of rows, space reserved, data size, index size and unused space
TriggersReports information about triggers
Wait statisticsReports the detected wait types
Who is activeReports who is or was active on the server